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The archipelago that is the Torres Strait islands are located in the Torres Strait between mainland Australia and Papua New Guinea.  Of the 274 islands clustered 39 kilometres above Cape York on the northern most tip of Queensland Australia, only about 20 of them are inhabited.

Whilst Waiben (Thursday Island) is the commercial hub, Muralag (Prince of Wales Island) is the largest island.  There are two other main islands which have other commercial interests and that is the airport on Ngarupai (Horn Island) and the pearl farms on Friday Island and Roko Island.  

The beautiful waters of the Torres Strait Islands are abundant with a diverse range of fish species.  Many visitors to the region come to enjoy fishing these clear waters. The region also has a fascinating history of Indigenous culture especially associated with the ocean.  Pearling, WWII history and a relaxed island culture, all make this region a wonderful and uniquely interesting holiday destination.

The majority of the inhabitants are an interesting mix of Indigenous and Melanesian people. They have a diverse and complex culture which can be traced back at least 50,000 years.

Torres Straits

To date, the islands of the Torres Strait are pretty much unknown, unexplored and undiscovered.

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The Torres Strait is remote, but despite this, it is not that difficult to get here. Qantaslink fly daily from Cairns to Horn Island.  From there it is just short ferry transfer to Thursday Island.  You can also catch a ferry from Cape York at the tip of mainland Australia.  If you are planning to spend a couple of days exploring the area, we would be happy to help with arranging your ferry transfers and accommodation needs. We are happy to guide you to help plan your trip and offer recommendations. We look forward to showing you around our piece of paradise!