Adventures That Will Give You
A Lifetime Of Memories


adventures history


Visit Green Hill Fort for a tour of the museum (entry fee included). Explore the ruins of the original fort used to defend Australia and see the impressive cannons. Underneath the fort hosts a comprehensive historical museum.

adventures arts


Browse the award winning Rosie Ware Art Studio for morning tea in her lush gardens. Rosie is an Indigenous textile artist and you will have an opportunity to see and perhaps purchase some of her amazing artwork.

adventures heritage


Explore the heritage listed Thursday Island Cemetery and Pearl Divers Memorial, where your guide will share interesting stories about the Islands’ history from the late 1800’s. The cemetery features a diverse range of cultures. and religions.

adventures culture


Visit the Gab Titui Cultural Centre and be rewarded with an appreciation and understanding of the region’s rich cultures. Here you will see the vibrant art and cultural artefacts from across the Torres Strait. There is also a wide variety of locally made
Indigenous arts and crafts for sale, including artworks, jewellery, textiles and souvenirs.

adventures dine


Visit the Torres Hotel, the northernmost pub in the country. No visit to the top of Australia is complete without dropping in to this delightful watering hole to quench your thirst. Here you will enjoy a great lunch (at own cost) and have enough time to relax and chat with your new friends.

adventures browse


After lunch, you will have free time to walk down the main street to shop for local jewellery, souvenirs, or even some beautiful pearls. You will then be collected by your tour guide and returned back to your hotel, or the wharf to meet your ferry.

Learn About The Torres Strait


The Torres Strait is a region packed full of amazing sights which are still mostly undiscovered. We offer a wide range of adventures and a truly unique experience for all our visitors. 

Based on what you want to explore, we can create your own unique adventure which will be the highlight of your holiday.  All you need to do, is let us know what interests you in the form below and let us create your perfect holiday in paradise.